Missouri Politicians Set Stage for Gun Confiscation

Police confiscate guns

Zachary Cole


February 16, 2013

Recently it seems Missouri politicians have been willing to tackle some very tough but important issues within legislation. Although not perfect, we have bills that attempt to resist the NDAA and warrantless spying by drones on the state level. But with every small victory or progress comes with them more concerns about the condition of our civil rights. One more controversy that we have to keep a close eye on is the legislation sponsored by Rep. Rory Ellinger called HB 545.

Ellinger, along with his cosponsors Representatives Schupp, McNeil, and Walton Gray, have presented an amendment to Chapter 571 of the RSMo. HB 545 essentially puts a ban on “assault weapons” which is not a surprise but their definition of such weapons is even more concerning. This bill doesn’t simply want to ban “assault rifles” like an AR-15, its language clearly includes shotguns and handguns that are able to accept a magazine of more than 10 rounds.

To make matters worse, the bill also does not allow for any “assault weapons” acquired before it becomes law to be grandfathered in. The only solutions it gives are for the owner to remove their gun and high capacity magazines out of state, render the weapon inoperable, or turn the firearm over to the police. Legislation also gives such owners 90 days from the effective date to do one of the three options before they would be in violation of the law. Did I forget to mention that it has a felony charge attached to it?

While the Democrats are certainly the source for such a ridiculous bill, we should not assume that the Republicans are going to come out strong against this legislation. Although House Speaker Tim Jones says he’s committed to protecting the Second Amendment we must hold both parties feet to the fire. The NRA came out recently under their Institute for Legislative Action and said, “Compelling law-abiding citizens to surrender their firearms and magazines is unconstitutional, wrong and another failed attempt to reduce crime… HB 545 would only affect the lawful, while ignoring the actual problem of violent criminals who misuse firearms.”

Of course, there are others that are skeptical about the implementation of this bill. The questions arise as to who would actually follow one of the three steps and would local law enforcement confiscate guns if further action was needed. The answer to both questions is quite simple and stems from a similar logic. People who follow the solutions of HB 545 will be law-abiding citizens who in their naivety think the government knows best. While police officers, in reaction to civil disobedience, will probably go along with an Executive Order by Gov. Jay Nixon or Pres. Obama to quell dissent. However, I do realize that many police officers and even military have stated that they will not go door-to-door confiscation of guns. Let’s just hope that philosophy holds strong when the threat of losing their job or imprisonment becomes a reality.

It is my belief that it is our responsibility to make sure those who supposedly represent us submit to our will. It is also my opinion that we as a society cannot fully depend on public servants to protect us or even resist larger institutions. That is our job. With that being said, I want to challenge local grassroots efforts to focus in on HB 545. The best thing you can do right now without leaving your residence is call the office of Gov. Jay Nixon (573-751-3222) and tell him to renounce this bill. Apparently, according to his secretary, they are keeping count of whether or not the public is for this legislation.

Most importantly, as a concerned citizen, I ask that you also contact your State Representative at573-751-2000 and tell them to reject HB 545 or any new gun control legislation. If you do not know who your State Representative is please click here and look them up by district. Furthermore, as a measure of chastisement, I ask that you contact the sponsor and cosponsors of this bill.

State to them your disapproval of HB 545 and tell them to discontinue any efforts for further restrictions or gun bans. It is important that you are respectful and do not make any violent threats because the latter only hurts our credibility. A final note for any activists that are interested in making calls or sending emails but live out of state, you are also welcome to contact our Missouri State Representatives and express your disgust. There is no need to tell them what state you’re from and it is encouraged not to tell them. For those that are interested in getting out and making your presence known I suggest going down to Jefferson City, MO at the Capitol building, in an organized way, and stage a protest or demonstration.


St. Louis Venerates Obama Over MLK

"Giving honor to God and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama" - Jamie Foxx

“Giving honor to God and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama” – Jamie Foxx

Zachary Cole


January 23, 2013

Initially I hadn’t planned on writing a piece concerning this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. March. But after a few days of thinking about the ridiculousness of our local organizers I felt that something had to be said. It’s really a shame that Democratic operatives have co-opted the holiday committee for MLK because this should be a day without “party lines”. After all, Dr. King was not a big proponent of the left-right paradigm.

In fact, at one point he said, “I feel someone must remain in the position of non-alignment, so that he can look objectively at both parties and be the conscience of both—not the servant or master of either.” With that being said, one might think that the committee would be nonpartisan. But apparently this is not so (or at least it is not a concern of the organizers). The reader will see shortly why I think there was a bias within the committee that originated from political elements.

This year, the Inauguration Day fell on the same date that we observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. The holiday committee decided that since Dr. King’s birthday fell on Pres. Obama’s Inauguration Day, they would combine the festivities. While I believe that some on the committee genuinely thought this was a good idea, clearly there wasn’t much thought put into it.

A couple of days before the march I got word of what the organizers had planned to do. I was a little puzzled by this decision because of what I knew about Dr. King’s stance on war as opposed to the president’s actions the last four years. The whole time I couldn’t stop thinking, “If MLK were alive today, would he support the president’s policies concerning drone strikes, foreign intervention, and indefinite detention of US citizens without a trial or jury?” But at the end of the day I tried to give the organizers the benefit of the doubt and chalk it off as them wanting to honor two influential men of color.

I discussed this with a local activist and rapper named Rev Dellic, who also had the same concerns. Despite my reservations about the inauguration component, I decided to join with local activists to commemorate Dr. King. Admittedly a few of us also wanted to strike up conversations with Obama supporters to see what their thoughts were on the comparisons of these two men.

Rev and I decided that we would march with signs around our necks that read, “MLK had a dream…What is Obama’s dream?” We decided the best approach would be to pose a somewhat simple and nonthreatening question to open up dialogue.

As I made my way to the Old Courthouse, I hadn’t even gotten across the street to where everyone was meeting for the march, when my attention was immediately brought to a 10-12 foot tall Obama puppet standing with outstretched hands behind the ROTC choir. Besides the irony of the giant puppet, I found the whole situation awkward. Another thing that stood out to me was the fact that Obama was the predominant character despite the status of MLK.

At any rate, once we got over to the site of where the march would begin, we proceeded to put on our signs. Overall we had a 95% positive reception with a few double takes and a couple snide remarks. But by and large most people were indifferent to the question posed. To those that responded negatively or somewhat perturbed, they seemed to be going more on their emotions or the perception that we may give wearing a political sign at such an occasion. Of course the latter response is silly since the Democrats already politicized MLK Day by combining the inauguration with it.

One self-proclaimed “Anarchist” named James rode over on his bike to henpeck us on why these signs were inappropriate and polarizing towards nonwhites. His arguments weren’t totally illogical and he wasn’t being a jerk, however he was worried more about his agenda to proselytize African-Americans to Anarchism then our right to freely express ourselves. He also made this wild assumption that because some of us were white that we had no connection to the black community here in St. Louis. I couldn’t help but laugh on the inside when he said this.

While I get being sensitive to the culture of others, I don’t buy into the psychology of “white guilt”. My personal belief is that your motive for helping oppressed peoples should not come from a place of making penitence but out of love and the brotherhood of man. Needless to say James failed to convince us to remove the signs but he did successfully remind us that even some in the activist community censor themselves according to the other parties’ color of skin.

Another gentleman that was a little annoyed by our signs, got in my face and asked what I meant by the statement being made. I was a little caught off guard by his aggression but I proceeded to explain my position. Unfortunately, like I have to do every time I discuss Pres. Obama, I had to preface my argument by saying that the problem is his policies and not his hue. Once I got past the opening spiel, I told him that I believed that if Dr. King were alive today he would have denounced the president’s actions against foreign countries and the continuance of tyrannical “Bushian” policies.

This gentleman actually looked at me, with a straight face, and said, “It seems like we’re living in the past…” He also took issue with the sign and tried to charge us with not being forthright by simply posing a question. The guy said it was disingenuous and that “Obama is about peace because he brought the soldiers home from Iraq.” He further hashed out his argument by saying that MLK was against the Vietnam War but that this was a different time period altogether. The gentleman then attempted to counter my mention of the murderous drone strikes by saying, “France has taken over that.”

Defying logic and facts, this guy waved off the killing of women and children (that the president signed off on) by playing political hot potato and essentially telling us that we need to evolve on our views of foreign intervention. After he was done I started to note a few things that he seemed to be brushing aside but before I could say another sentence, he literally ran away like a cartoon character out of Looney Tunes.

Fact of the matter is, this man was a diehard Democrat and an Obama sycophant, who when Bush was in office opposed war and surely cried aloud about the civil rights violations of Gitmo prisoners. But now that he has someone that “looks” like him, he feels comfortable in playing identity politics (a charge that Dems attempt to put on the majority of whites on the right). Aside from the hypocrisy, he tried to obfuscate the truth.

It is inaccurate to say that America does not have “boots on the ground” in Iraq. We are still meddling in that country through private mercenary groups like Blackwater; which changed its name from XE to Academi.  Furthermore, as far as I know, the United States is still in full command over drone strikes in Pakistan and is waging other proxy wars in the Middle East and Africa. I haven’t the slightest clue where he got that France is now the sole villain in droning innocents.

Continuing on, a more peculiar moment was when we were approached by college students from UMSL that had no idea what the march was about. They said to us that their instructor told them to meet down at the Old Courthouse for a class assignment but didn’t tell them what the event was about. Although I thought this was incredible that they were oblivious to MLK Day and the presidential inauguration, I definitely could see how they could be confused considering all the mixed messages.

This confusion leads into the center of mine and other’s frustration with how this event was handled. It is my opinion that the two events should not have been combined or there should have been a distinction made. It seemed to run altogether and quite frankly Obama was the center of attention despite later marching for Dr. King. I can’t speak for everyone there but the Obama worship was creepy just as it was in DC. I was kind of expecting for people to form lines and patterns for their dictator. But I guess we’re not there yet.

Does STL Really Need Military on the Streets?

Notice the “Internment-styled” camp behind the badger

As it was long ago spoken, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” By now it is no secret in St. Louis from 21-29 of this month the military police from Ft. Meade, MD are training our local 345th company to become more efficient in driving armored weaponized vehicles in urban areas. Like many cities around the country, civil unrest exercises have been increasingly common place and we are no exception.

Apparently most of the urban training will be carried out in the 6th district (Baden, Calvary-Bellefontaine Cemeteries, Mark Twain, Mark Twain I-70, North Point, North Riverfront, O’Fallon Park, Penrose, Penrose Park, Riverview, Walnut Park East, Walnut Park West and portions of O’Fallon) while the highway miles will be on I-270. Every night they will be parking these very same vehicles in an undisclosed location in St. Charles County.

Not a surprise to locals, these drills will be taking place in “working poor” class neighborhoods riddled with crime and drugs. Of course these types of operations never seem to take place in affluent neighborhoods similar to Brentwood or Creve Coeur. Rather, they strategically pick places with a high density of minorities who, already in STL, is barricaded in on countless blocks like a bunch of animals. What were once open streets are now obstructed by huge cement blocks and so the victims are punished for degenerate criminals and their impotent local government who could think of no other solution then to create a human zoo. But this is a whole other issue altogether.


Truth is Addictive…

Tyranny Watch Alt Logo

Did you know that Alternative Media is the fastest growing news on the internet? Did you know that Alternative News provides many people daily with stories or reports that most Mainstream outlets ignore or whitewash? Did you know that most Mainstream Media outlets run news according to their financiers? Did you know that it is a common practice for government agencies to work closely with News Networks? If you were unaware of these facts do not feel bad, most are not.

We, at Tyranny Watch, seek to provide solid independent journalism without the shortcomings of being tied to Republican-Democrat agendas or confined into the Left-Right Paradigm. We are about truth, liberty, and preservation of our Republic. We firmly believe in the Constitution and as Amendment I says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the pressNow more than ever we need to excise these freedoms!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” He must have understood history because this is what governments eventually do when they want to expand power. They put speech restrictions on the population and control access to what information they have. Does any of this sound familiar?

The Alternative Media revolution as it grows has gained more credibility with the induction of freethinkers and lack of state-sponsored propaganda. We are proud of this fact. To further prove the importance of free press, let us examine some news that was covered correctly by independent analysts but were either denied or lied about by Mainstream Media.

Alternative Media

Mainstream Media

Who was Correct?

Fukushima will be uninhabitable for years after nuclear meltdown

Residents of Fukushima will be able to return home soon

Alternative Media

NATO was training and arming rebel groups  which had members of al-Qaeda within it before strike against Libya

Denied it as a conspiracy theory and down-played who was being trained

Alternative Media

Increase in RFID chips in humans

At first denied the existence of the technology then down-played its use for human tracking

Alternative Media

US government was providing guns to the Mexican drug cartels

Media black-out

Alternative Media

Fluoridated water is harmful

Fluoridated water is good

Alternative Media

The Federal Reserve favors big banks and uses political leverage

The Federal Reserve does not show favoritism and is above politics

Alternative Media

Cell phones cause cancer

Denied or down-played links to cancer

Alternative Media

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is linked to infertility

Largely ignored

Alternative Media

TSA naked body scanners cause cancer

Denied facts and said radiation levels are safe

Alternative Media

The government is involved in drug trafficking

Denied it as a conspiracy theory

Alternative Media

NDAA will be used against American citizens

NDAA is not for American citizens

Alternative Media

NDAA will not be vetoed by the president and will be passed quietly

NDAA will be vetoed by the president

Alternative Media

Government has armed unmanned drones both in air and on land

Media black-out

Alternative Media

The fact is there are many more stories that were broke by independent research and journalism. This is why the Alternative Media revolution is so important, when others do not cover important issues we have the freedom speak to unmitigated truth. To be fair, there are people who seek money, fame, and spread disinformation among the Alternative Media circles too. Tyranny Watch is different. We seek to inform the public, set a standard of integrity, inspire peaceful action, and spread the message of freedom for all humanity.

Tyranny Watch also seeks to spread our message through podcasts, radio programming, articles, blogs, vlogs, and special “on the spot” video coverage of live events. We are not limiting ourselves to just stereotypical coverage like who is winning a presidential election. We will cover who the candidates are, what are their connections, suspicious activity during rallies, and voting fraud. We also have specialized news categories that other news outlets are too scared to cover like one world governance, matrix of control, pharmacide, etc.

Tyranny Watch wants to engage the community and insert real issues by promotion of other freedom lovers and production of our own thought-provoking t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. This also serves to support local business and fund our operations. To be clear, we reject sponsors or local businesses who seek to manipulate our message. Either they want to stand with us or they can simply move on.

Tyranny Watch is also looking for passionate writers, journalists, reporters, and those who specialize in technical areas like graphic design, audio and video production on a voluntary basis. Our ultimate goal is to be able to expand our operation into a fulltime job and pay our staff what they deserve. If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail (Media@tyrannywatch.org) or one of our many social networking accounts on the web.

Founder of Tyranny Watch

Zachary J. Cole