Current TV Sold to State-Run Media

Al Gore Sell Out Current TV

Zachary Cole

January 10, 2013

The Qatar government via Al Jazeera has recently bought Current TV for $500 million from Al Gore. This “sweet” deal will potentially make the climate change guru’s net worth around $70 million. Not only will this line Mr. Gore’s pockets, but it will give an oppressive oil-drunk government another outlet to spew their propaganda into the world.

Early Monday, the staff of Current TV, was called to a meeting through a teleconference to greet their new bosses. While Al Gore was mysteriously missing, his partner Joel Hyatt had no problem standing with Al Jazeera’s executive director of international operations, Ehab al-Shihabi and the general manager of the London Bureau, Muftah al-Suwaidan. Needless to say the Current TV staff was shocked and moderately outraged by this move. One staffer even said, “Of course Al didn’t show up… He has no credibility. He supposed to be the face of clean energy and just sold the channel to very big oil, the emir of Qatar!”

This of course, is not the first time Gore has been connected to big oil and at one point in time helped Occidental Petroleum obtain Elk Hills by pushing for the privatization of the oil field from the Navy. In a typical “good old boy” fashion, Gore’s former campaign manager Tony Coelho handled the deal. Normally the Department of Energy is involved in such sells but instead it was Coelho’s private firm ICF Kaiser. Historically speaking, the Gore family has enjoyed a particularly chummy relationship with Armand Hammer (founder of OP) and his successor Ray Irani.

Needless to say, the big oil hypocrisy is the least of Al Gore’s problems. Not only is Al Jazeera essentially owned by the Qatar government but it is complicit in the atrocities that they commit. It is no secret that Qatar frequently oppresses women, dissidents, homosexuals, and minorities. They also have no problem exacting inhumane practices upon these very same people. Such practices like treating women like slaves, throwing journalists and children in prison, torturing, and killing people for the most mundane of things.

I’m sure the Teflon Don of global warming and inconvenient truths will be excused for this little indiscretion in the name of making money. Interestingly enough, Gore benefited greatly from owning a mediocre television station. Back when he was vice president, he pushed to pass the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that removed price controls for Pay TV Operators. Al, after returning back to the private sector decided to take advantage of the very same bill by lobbying cable and satellite operators to carry Current TV and pay it a carriage fee for viewership. Basically it made no difference to the Pay TV Operators because they would pass the fees onto their subscribers and Gore would make a profit off of it.

But, as proven earlier, Mr. Gore is no stranger to sweetheart deals and cronyism. Just take for example his company Generation Investment Management LLP (nicknamed Blood and Gore due to the CEO being David Blood) which would stand to make billions of dollars if the United States adopted cap and trade policies. It is also believed that the Rothschilds are invested in the same scheme and that Gore’s connection through his daughter’s intermarriage with the Schiffs (a family with deep ties to the Frankfurt branch of the Rothschilds) secures his success in the carbon footprint business.

Lending credence to this is the fact that a few years ago Gore and David de’Rothschild were sharing similar talking points and projects concerning climate change. David on one interview with Bloomberg said, “It’s past the point of talking” likewise Gore said, “It’s time for civil disobedience” during the Clinton Climate Initiative. Both were calling people to action due in part to the lack of support for radical environmental policies. However, I suspect that money was one of the motives in their desperate pleas.

The staffer of Current TV was correct about his former boss, Gore has no credibility. Al isn’t apart of anything unless there is some benefit for him or his “boys”. He is a cold calculated bureaucrat and businessman that does nothing by chance. Everything from the oil industry, environmentalism, to running a media outlet, he has plotted his course for power and wealth. At the end of the day, it should be no surprise that he sold out. After all, this is the pattern of behavior for the elite.