TW Radio Archives Interview With Laura Bernal of American Resolution

American Resolution

Tyranny Watch Podcast #5 – In this week’s episode Zachary talks with Laura Bernal the founder of the American Resolution. We also discuss the movement to merge all people who fight for liberty and freedom under one banner.



TW Radio Archives Interview With STL Anonymous on Trapwire

Saint Louis Anonymous

Tyranny Watch presents Episode #4 – This week’s episode Zachary talks to STL Anonymous about Trapwire, Stratfor leaks, and the growing spy grid being put in place. We also discuss the Anonymous-based activism that happened in St. Louis on October 20th from Noon-10pm downtown at Keiner Plaza.


TW Radio Archives Interview With Heather Cottner of PANDA

Heather Cottner

Heather Cottner of P.A.N.D.A. (People Against National Defense Act) chapter head in St. Charles, MO

Tyranny Watch presents Episode #3 – Zachary interviews Heather Cottner of PANDA and has special guest Dan Johnson (founder of PANDA) riding shotgun. We discuss the NDAA and how dangerous indefinite detention of American citizens is to the last bit of our freedoms we have. Info is also included on to get involved!

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TW Radio Archives Interview With Courtnae Smith of Occupy STL

Courtnae Smith

Courtnae Smith of Occupy Saint Louis (OSTL)

Previously recorded 10/04/12 a few days after the one year anniversary of Occupy STL.  We discuss misconceptions people have about the Occupy movement and the future of local activism. Featured music by Rev Dellic called “The 99”.

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TW Radio Archives – Interview With Mike Heise of

Michael Heise

Mike Heise of and Lead Organizer of the Nationwide End the Fed Let’s Coin Together Rally

Previously Recorded 08/30/12 during the Republican National Convention. We discuss the Police State, Anarchists, and the DHS/FBI Joint Intelligence Bulletin about homegrown terrorism at the RNC.

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