The 99% Never Left

Occupy STL 1 Year Anniversary

by Kyle Prindiville

TW Contributor

I remember the excitement in the air one year ago as individuals gathered in downtown St. Louis to protest the status quo and to create a St. Louis branch of the Occupy Wall st. movement. It began with a sign-making event outside of the Crack Fox, followed by some motivational speakers, and then a march on the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve. We all rallied together behind the message that banks, Wall st., and politicians were working together to sell out the American public. Here we are one year later and while hundreds of protesters have been arrested, not one banker is in jail.

The Occupy St. Louis one year anniversary was a reunion for those protesters that met one year ago. We started as individuals, but we are now connected as networks. Our one group split into many affinity groups working on local projects. Occupy put lifelong activists in touch with enthusiastic first-time protesters. The results over the past year have been a strengthening of connections evolving through many personality disputes and ideological clashes.



East St. Louis Mayor Threatens Martial Law

East Saint Louis Martial Law

Kyle Prindiville
TW Contributor

The mayor of East St. Louis, Alvin Parks, declared on September 27 a “zero tolerance order” effective immediately in East St. Louis. He is targeting teenage boys under the age of 18 with a plan to enforce curfew laws and to arrest any teen walking the streets during school hours.

There is a window from 4pm-10pm that teens are allowed to be outside, but the mayor warned that any teen found without ID will be arrested. He went on to say wearing royal blue or bright red will be outlawed. These policies of increasing the police presence and enforcing martial law are said to be “for the safety of the citizens”.


BREAKING: Letter Exposes Plan to Train Nurses for Combat Scenario on US Soil

Tyranny Watch recently received an interesting letter from a local whistleblower within St. Louis, MO who we will refer to as “Andrew Jackson”. His mother, who is a nurse, was sent this letter by the Army in hopes of recruiting RN’s to serve. The disturbing, but subtle, facts spelled out in the letter is this:

  • Stay locally (in St. Louis)
  • Learn how to drive a humvee
  • Learn how to fire a gun
  • Learn map reading
  • Learn combat skills

Our question is why would a nurse, even if you are in the army reserves and travel into foreign countries,  would need to know all of this? Then add unto the fact that there is a promise of staying locally. With all of the civil unrest training and military exercises happening in STL, does this letter dovetail with all of the other activity happening? It’s not clear as of yet but TW will be keeping a close eye on this situation as election time nears. Here is the letter:

Here is Mr. Jackson’s transcription of the letter:

Ok my mother was telling me about this letter, when i saw it, it rang bells in my head. She is a RN Nurse for a retirement home here in st.louis; Her name want to be kept anonymous

It definitively dovetails what is going on in saint louis right now with the armored vehicles rolling in the streets.

The letter is from U.S Army Health Care Team located in Northwest Plaza

So anyways this is what it says:

A Different Nursing Experience! Serve as an Army Nurse right here in St.Louis! “I’m a Nurse serving my country in the Army Reserves….one weekend a month and 2 weeks in the summer” 50,000 – Loan Repayment, Scholarships for CRNA and psychiatric Masters level programs, Excellent Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, Build a Second Retirement and VA benefits for small buisness loans, Home loans, paid for education for your significant other and or kids. Space available Air travel and access to all military bases inside and outside the US for you and your family members.

2 weeks in the summer (with full time pay):
-Train as Nurse in Army medical centers(Hawaii, San Antonio TX, Washington D.C., Seattle Washington, etc.) Humanitarian missions around the world.

-Advanced training in areas like Flight Nursing in Birmingham, Alabama, Surgical training at the Institute of Surgical Research San Antonio TX, Advance Burn Training at the Burn Center San Antonio TX, etc.

-Stay locallly and learn how to erect and operate a 396 bed mobile hospital.

Now this gets interesting.

1 Weekend a month (8 hours Saturday and 8 hours sunday:
-Conduct and participate in Nursing Education Classes (Free Continuing Education Units)
-Learn Army skills like driving a Humvee
-Learn Army skills like Map reading, firing a gun and combatives………
-Network with doctors and Nurses from all over MO and IL

No Basic training for nurses!! Basic Officer Leadership Course is only 27 Days at FT Sam Houston, TX

SFC David Dupont, Army Nurse Recruiter, 877-857-8745 or

Romney Supporter Resorts to Violence

TW Contributor

Guillermo Jimenez

A Ron Paul delegate, Nethaniel Henderson, was assaulted by who he described as a Mitt Romney supporter during Friday’s general session of the Republican Party of Texas State Convention in the arena of the Fort Worth Convention Center.

The incident occurred during Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s speech at the assembly. The situation became tense when she announced her support for the “Republican Party’s nominee” Mitt Romney. A statement many Ron Paul supporters found to be offensive, considering the amount of time, effort, and expense put into organizing and turning out their sizable delegation.

The dueling mix of applause and boos as the Senator spoke ultimately led to at least one recorded incident of physical violence. Efforts to identify the man who struck Nethaniel by name were unsuccessful.

Commentary: It should be noted that this incident took place the day after Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky and son of Ron Paul, announced his endorsement of Mitt Romney.  Undoubtedly, this had many Paul supporters, disappointed by the news, on edge and understandably emotional.