False Premise of the Debunkers


It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to deny or explain away documentation when it comes to factual conspiracies. No, I do not mean the ones made up from the minds of mentally disturbed people or the disinfo agents that spread garbage throughout the truth movement. Of course, these types of fables serve only to have us chasing our proverbial tails while the real agenda moves forward.

Many of the “Debunkers” these days create a strawman, misrepresent other’s beliefs, or simply build their arguments against a false premise. A standard example a reader might see on a skeptical website is the one rejecting the conspiracy of a New World Order based on the Bible having a similar concept. The skeptics hardly ever lay out their argument in this manner but if they did, it would look something like this:

  • The concept of a New World Order is similar to the description of the totalitarian system described in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
  • The Bible is a manmade document full of Jewish legends and traditions.
  • Therefore, since the Bible is a work of fiction a New World Order must also be a myth.

Obviously, this logic is false on many levels. Without addressing the issue of religion and faith, we know concepts can still be true despite whether one believes the whole narrative of a story or not. We have modern examples of this within books and movies that are labeled under the genre historical fiction. Did the movie Valkyrie represent the conspiracy against Hitler relatively accurate? Yes, we actually have a good amount of documentation from the July 20 plot that had been investigated by the Gestapo. The point is one does not have to believe that the Bible is authentic to grasp truth from it. This same principle could be applied to one who rejects a message based on who is delivering these facts.

To dismiss a New World Order based on ones rejection of a certain text is not only biased but shows a lack of studiousness. One cannot wave a magical wand over the mounds of evidence that proves a concerted effort to build a global system of governance. A simple search on globalism or quotes from political figures on a New World Order is a good place to start. A more advanced search into documents, bills, and executive orders scattered throughout the decades weave together the quilt that forms a New World Order. Therefore, the next time somebody approaches the reader with claims of debunking certain ideas or individuals ask yourself these few questions:

  • Are they constructing a strawman argument?
  • Are they representing the opposition’s arguments accurately?
  • Are they basing their conclusion on a faulty premise?

If they have erred in one or more of the above questions, a person in good faith cannot accept their answer to the problem. Let us then remember that truth seekers must also hold ourselves to a higher standard. However, if discernment and wisdom are not used we may very well find ourselves on the side of a hoax.