Flashpoint Radio May 31 Bilderberg 2012

Check out the May 31 edition of Flashpoint Radio’s coverage of Bilderberg 2012. We contributed an article called “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?” (see previous blog entry).


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?


It would seem that the once thought mythical group called Bilderberg is being pushed out of the shadows into the realm of fact. It was only a couple of decades ago that the Bilderberg group was nothing more then a conspiracy theory but with the onslaught of investigative journalists and zealous activists, we have seen them slowly unmask.

In nineteen-hundred and fifty-two, this elitist group began as the brainchild of Dr. J.H. Retinger who wanted to improve relations between America and Western Europe. Due to the post-war distrust and suspicion among the Western Allies, Retinger contacted Prince Bernhard, Dr. Paul Rykens, and Paul van Zeeland to create an unofficial and private conference composed of influential people in the fields of government, religion, finances, industry, unions, and scholastics to address the issues of economics, politics, and defense. He also contacted Mr. Hugh Gaitskell, Major-General Sir Colin Gubbins, Mr. Ole Bjorn Kraft, Guy Mollet, Dr Rudolf Mueller, Antoine Pinay, M. P. Pipinelis, Max Brauer, Marshal of the R.A.F. Lord Portal of Hungerford, Ambassador Quaroni, and Signor de Gasperi.

By 1954, in Arnhem, Holland the very first conference convened at the Bilderberg Hotel, from which the group gets its name. The first chair to preside was Paul van Zeeland, while later in the international meetings the chair would rotate. Eventually, they decided that one chair should conduct the meeting and Prince Bernhard was installed into that position. They also formed European and American “Steering Committees” which especially interested both the Democrats and Republicans in the US. On the European committee were Signor Amintore Fanfan, Sir Terence Airey, Mr. Jens Christian Hauge, Mr. D. Healey, Mr. E. N. van Kleffens, Mr. Reginald Maudling, Mr. Alfred Robens, Professor Carlo Schmid, and Mr. Otto Wolff von Amerongen. While the American committee consisted of Mr. Johnson, Mr. George Ball, Mr. John H. Ferguson, Mr. H. J. Heinz, Mr. George Nebolsine, and Mr. Dean Rusk.

From the very beginning, Bilderberg was insistent upon censoring the media, withholding the names of the attendees from the public, and to officially conduct themselves unofficially. In the years to come though, they would make exceptions for some reporters to attend which is nothing more then controlling the opposition.


Bilderberg Tax Returns Exposed

American Friends of Bilderberg Inc

Actual pic of Bilderberg’s 2007 tax return.

May 15, 2012 UPDATE: Back a few days ago Tyranny Watch wrote a short article on the breaking news concerning the tax returns of the Bilderberg group. Since then we have had to replace the article due to incorrect facts. Early on May 10th Mark Dice posted on his Twitter account these two statements:

Mike Dice Twitter anouncement

As you read his various tweets that same day on the subject of the Bilderberg tax returns, the reader may get the impression that Dice is the one that broke the story and exposed the documents. On his website it says, “Well, the IRS requires 501c3 Tax Exempt Foundations to make certain records public. I guess you just have to know where to look.” The last sentence implies that he scoured the public records of the IRS to uncover any financial documentation of the Bilderberg group. Later on that day, Dice posted a video on his YouTube channel: