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Illinois: CC Legal, Let’s Ban the Guns

Authoritarians want to make Illinois a "gun-free zone"

Authoritarians want to make Illinois a “gun-free zone”

Zachary Cole

January 5, 2013

UPDATE:  Due to the current nature of Illinois politics, some facts may change as we receive more details.

As recently as three weeks ago, the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the Illinois ban on concealed carry was unconstitutional and the legalization was long overdue. According to Judge Richard Posner, “There is no suggestion that some unique characteristic of criminal activity in Illinois justifies the state taking a different approach from the other 49 states.”

Posner continues, “If the Illinois approach was demonstrably superior, one would expect at least one or two other states to have emulated it.” The federal court gave 180 days for lawmakers to create a bill that would legalize open carry in the state. This seemed to be a major victory for all gun rights advocates in Illinois but with recent developments in gun control laws, it appears to be hollow.

Within this last week Democratic Senate leader John Cullerton submitted HB 815 amendment 1 & 2 and HB 1263 amendments 5 & 6, which would essentially ban most semiautomatic handguns, rifles, and shotguns (including pump rifles and shotguns), ammunition magazines that hold 10 rounds or more, require registration with Illinois State police, and most likely close down gun ranges and clubs.

Apparently there is some opposition, State Sen. Dale Righter stated, “I will not support any legislation…That requires anyone in Illinois to register their firearms with state government.” The amendments did pass through the Illinois Senate Public Health Committee last night but failed to get the 30 votes required in the Illinois Senate. As a result Cullerton postponed the floor votes until later this week.

But don’t worry there is no rest for the wicked. From Sunday to Tuesday a lame-duck session convenes, where Gov. Patrick Quinn and Mayor Rahm Emanuel plan to focus on the House of Representatives to achieve their anti-gun agenda. To make matters worse Rep. Edward Acevedo just filed an amendment to Senate Bill 2899, which is very similar in language to Cullerton’s proposed amendments.

Although time is running short we still have an opportunity to send the gun grabbers home with their tails tucked between her legs. The easiest thing an activist can do is call your State Representative ASAP and express your opposition to Senate Bill 2899. Tell them any legislation that bans firearms, magazines, and registers law-abiding citizens with the state police is unacceptable and will result in them applying for unemployment when they come up for reelection. The main number for the Illinois General Assembly is 217-782-2000 or you can find your state legislator at:

It is time to stand strong for the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. The road to disarmament is paved incrementally and created through apathy. We must not sit idly by as gun grabbers try to inundate us domestically from all sides with new amendments and bills. All the while they are securing their agenda internationally by trying by March to sneak the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty in any way they can. To all the detractors who think we are crazy, maybe they should observe the co-author of the Second Amendment’s words when he said, “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” This is of course what the authoritarian’s want, so why would we give them the power they crave?


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