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Top-Secret Zinc Cadmium Sulfide Experiments on Black Residents in St. Louis

Zinc Cadmium Sulfide

I am constantly reminded of this faithful saying: there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed and in these times it seems as though the government’s ship of secrets is sinking. We have multiple examples of declassified projects and experiments that have come to light in recent times like mustard gas testing on soldiers, infecting Blacks from Tuskegee and Hispanics of Guatemala with syphilis, conducting tests on prisoners with Agent Orange, injecting cancer cells into Puerto Ricans just to name a few. For anybody that was not aware of such things, all these experiments happened decades ago.

Now after being buried for decades once again, a sociologist named Lisa Martino-Taylor, through FOIA requests has dug up more disturbing tests being conducted this time in Saint Louis. Martino-Taylor’s findings show from 1953-54 and 1963-65 that a spin-off of the Manhattan Project called the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition and a Military aerosol study based out of Saint Louis sprayed zinc cadmium sulfide laced with radiological particles on the segregated Pruitt-Igoe complex in the Carr neighborhood. Her findings reveal that about 10,000 low income people were subjected to the spraying of which 70% were under the age of 12 years old.

The compound called zinc cadmium sulfide sole use in the 50’s was to determine the geographic range and dispersion of biological and chemical agents. In a similar study in Texas, the army used planes to spray the population but according to documents uncovered in the 90’s, the military used building tops like the Knights of Columbus on Lindell and in Forest Park and believe it or not, out of station wagons. Interestingly enough, in 1994 Rep. Dick Gephardt, also raised questions about this very issue. He said at the time, “We want to make sure nothing went on that would harm anyone, and that all the facts are out on the table.” But oddly nothing else came about from this investigation.



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