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BREAKING: Letter Exposes Plan to Train Nurses for Combat Scenario on US Soil

Tyranny Watch recently received an interesting letter from a local whistleblower within St. Louis, MO who we will refer to as “Andrew Jackson”. His mother, who is a nurse, was sent this letter by the Army in hopes of recruiting RN’s to serve. The disturbing, but subtle, facts spelled out in the letter is this:

  • Stay locally (in St. Louis)
  • Learn how to drive a humvee
  • Learn how to fire a gun
  • Learn map reading
  • Learn combat skills

Our question is why would a nurse, even if you are in the army reserves and travel into foreign countries,  would need to know all of this? Then add unto the fact that there is a promise of staying locally. With all of the civil unrest training and military exercises happening in STL, does this letter dovetail with all of the other activity happening? It’s not clear as of yet but TW will be keeping a close eye on this situation as election time nears. Here is the letter:

Here is Mr. Jackson’s transcription of the letter:

Ok my mother was telling me about this letter, when i saw it, it rang bells in my head. She is a RN Nurse for a retirement home here in st.louis; Her name want to be kept anonymous

It definitively dovetails what is going on in saint louis right now with the armored vehicles rolling in the streets.

The letter is from U.S Army Health Care Team located in Northwest Plaza

So anyways this is what it says:

A Different Nursing Experience! Serve as an Army Nurse right here in St.Louis! “I’m a Nurse serving my country in the Army Reserves….one weekend a month and 2 weeks in the summer” 50,000 – Loan Repayment, Scholarships for CRNA and psychiatric Masters level programs, Excellent Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, Build a Second Retirement and VA benefits for small buisness loans, Home loans, paid for education for your significant other and or kids. Space available Air travel and access to all military bases inside and outside the US for you and your family members.

2 weeks in the summer (with full time pay):
-Train as Nurse in Army medical centers(Hawaii, San Antonio TX, Washington D.C., Seattle Washington, etc.) Humanitarian missions around the world.

-Advanced training in areas like Flight Nursing in Birmingham, Alabama, Surgical training at the Institute of Surgical Research San Antonio TX, Advance Burn Training at the Burn Center San Antonio TX, etc.

-Stay locallly and learn how to erect and operate a 396 bed mobile hospital.

Now this gets interesting.

1 Weekend a month (8 hours Saturday and 8 hours sunday:
-Conduct and participate in Nursing Education Classes (Free Continuing Education Units)
-Learn Army skills like driving a Humvee
-Learn Army skills like Map reading, firing a gun and combatives………
-Network with doctors and Nurses from all over MO and IL

No Basic training for nurses!! Basic Officer Leadership Course is only 27 Days at FT Sam Houston, TX

SFC David Dupont, Army Nurse Recruiter, 877-857-8745 or


About tyrannywatchblog

Tyranny Watch was conceptualized in late 2011 by Zachary Cole based on the need for an authentic alternative in Saint Louis to the corporate media. It was soon apparent that reporting on local news and operating within social networking sites would not be enough to spread the message of truth. We decided to create a website where liberty and knowledge could easily be compiled into one location. Having our own place also eliminates the very real risk of being censored by arbitrary and often unfairly applied rules. Tyranny Watch seeks to be an example with integrity and insightful commentary on the various issues that face this country and the rest of the world. We feel that it is important to bring to the forefront news that is intentionally ignored and points that would not be admitted in a controlled environment. Tyranny Watch is also involved in our local community standing quietly in solidarity or sounding the alarm however the situation calls for. We seek to cover events that need our close attention or simply getting the word out about an important protest, march, etc. Whenever it is possible, Tyranny Watch will be there to give support to worthy causes.

8 responses to “BREAKING: Letter Exposes Plan to Train Nurses for Combat Scenario on US Soil

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    More signs that trouble is just over the horizon.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    More signs that trouble is just over the horizon.

  3. This certainly makes one curious if not concerned for what the HELL is going on in our country. It does mirror some of the photos of military walking the streets in full gear and carrying guns who are “just training” so the story went.

  4. gnosticmind ⋅

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  5. Postus with the Mostus ⋅

    Dude, I work for the post office. I can tell your mailing address by the bar code on the envelope (just to the right of the window). It would be smart to cross the bar code and the digits under the window. Please cross those out for your own protection



  7. People still send letters to inform people are about jobs?

    Besides what nurse would take the job? It’s paying HALF with no descriptive benefits at all. Most places bend over backwards to suck your dick.

    LOL @ piss poor hiring campaign. The salary range of 50k bonus and 29 a year if straight out of the 90’s.

    I get the feeling that if a war busts out. Most are just going to die from a lack of ass wiping, pills given and wounds festering and rotting the person’s body inside out.

    Dumb fucks want a war? Good. They’ll feel every inch of it. I’m leaving the country. Nothing here to fight for anyways. Banks own it all, no sense in me sticking around to stand in their way to the morgue.

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