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Romney Supporter Resorts to Violence

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Guillermo Jimenez

A Ron Paul delegate, Nethaniel Henderson, was assaulted by who he described as a Mitt Romney supporter during Friday’s general session of the Republican Party of Texas State Convention in the arena of the Fort Worth Convention Center.

The incident occurred during Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s speech at the assembly. The situation became tense when she announced her support for the “Republican Party’s nominee” Mitt Romney. A statement many Ron Paul supporters found to be offensive, considering the amount of time, effort, and expense put into organizing and turning out their sizable delegation.

The dueling mix of applause and boos as the Senator spoke ultimately led to at least one recorded incident of physical violence. Efforts to identify the man who struck Nethaniel by name were unsuccessful.

Commentary: It should be noted that this incident took place the day after Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky and son of Ron Paul, announced his endorsement of Mitt Romney.  Undoubtedly, this had many Paul supporters, disappointed by the news, on edge and understandably emotional.


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