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Bilderberg Tax Returns Exposed

American Friends of Bilderberg Inc

Actual pic of Bilderberg’s 2007 tax return.

May 15, 2012 UPDATE: Back a few days ago Tyranny Watch wrote a short article on the breaking news concerning the tax returns of the Bilderberg group. Since then we have had to replace the article due to incorrect facts. Early on May 10th Mark Dice posted on his Twitter account these two statements:

Mike Dice Twitter anouncement

As you read his various tweets that same day on the subject of the Bilderberg tax returns, the reader may get the impression that Dice is the one that broke the story and exposed the documents. On his website it says, “Well, the IRS requires 501c3 Tax Exempt Foundations to make certain records public. I guess you just have to know where to look.” The last sentence implies that he scoured the public records of the IRS to uncover any financial documentation of the Bilderberg group. Later on that day, Dice posted a video on his YouTube channel:

About tyrannywatchblog

Tyranny Watch was conceptualized in late 2011 by Zachary Cole based on the need for an authentic alternative in Saint Louis to the corporate media. It was soon apparent that reporting on local news and operating within social networking sites would not be enough to spread the message of truth. We decided to create a website where liberty and knowledge could easily be compiled into one location. Having our own place also eliminates the very real risk of being censored by arbitrary and often unfairly applied rules. Tyranny Watch seeks to be an example with integrity and insightful commentary on the various issues that face this country and the rest of the world. We feel that it is important to bring to the forefront news that is intentionally ignored and points that would not be admitted in a controlled environment. Tyranny Watch is also involved in our local community standing quietly in solidarity or sounding the alarm however the situation calls for. We seek to cover events that need our close attention or simply getting the word out about an important protest, march, etc. Whenever it is possible, Tyranny Watch will be there to give support to worthy causes.

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