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Truth is Addictive…

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Did you know that Alternative Media is the fastest growing news on the internet? Did you know that Alternative News provides many people daily with stories or reports that most Mainstream outlets ignore or whitewash? Did you know that most Mainstream Media outlets run news according to their financiers? Did you know that it is a common practice for government agencies to work closely with News Networks? If you were unaware of these facts do not feel bad, most are not.

We, at Tyranny Watch, seek to provide solid independent journalism without the shortcomings of being tied to Republican-Democrat agendas or confined into the Left-Right Paradigm. We are about truth, liberty, and preservation of our Republic. We firmly believe in the Constitution and as Amendment I says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the pressNow more than ever we need to excise these freedoms!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” He must have understood history because this is what governments eventually do when they want to expand power. They put speech restrictions on the population and control access to what information they have. Does any of this sound familiar?

The Alternative Media revolution as it grows has gained more credibility with the induction of freethinkers and lack of state-sponsored propaganda. We are proud of this fact. To further prove the importance of free press, let us examine some news that was covered correctly by independent analysts but were either denied or lied about by Mainstream Media.

Alternative Media

Mainstream Media

Who was Correct?

Fukushima will be uninhabitable for years after nuclear meltdown

Residents of Fukushima will be able to return home soon

Alternative Media

NATO was training and arming rebel groups  which had members of al-Qaeda within it before strike against Libya

Denied it as a conspiracy theory and down-played who was being trained

Alternative Media

Increase in RFID chips in humans

At first denied the existence of the technology then down-played its use for human tracking

Alternative Media

US government was providing guns to the Mexican drug cartels

Media black-out

Alternative Media

Fluoridated water is harmful

Fluoridated water is good

Alternative Media

The Federal Reserve favors big banks and uses political leverage

The Federal Reserve does not show favoritism and is above politics

Alternative Media

Cell phones cause cancer

Denied or down-played links to cancer

Alternative Media

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is linked to infertility

Largely ignored

Alternative Media

TSA naked body scanners cause cancer

Denied facts and said radiation levels are safe

Alternative Media

The government is involved in drug trafficking

Denied it as a conspiracy theory

Alternative Media

NDAA will be used against American citizens

NDAA is not for American citizens

Alternative Media

NDAA will not be vetoed by the president and will be passed quietly

NDAA will be vetoed by the president

Alternative Media

Government has armed unmanned drones both in air and on land

Media black-out

Alternative Media

The fact is there are many more stories that were broke by independent research and journalism. This is why the Alternative Media revolution is so important, when others do not cover important issues we have the freedom speak to unmitigated truth. To be fair, there are people who seek money, fame, and spread disinformation among the Alternative Media circles too. Tyranny Watch is different. We seek to inform the public, set a standard of integrity, inspire peaceful action, and spread the message of freedom for all humanity.

Tyranny Watch also seeks to spread our message through podcasts, radio programming, articles, blogs, vlogs, and special “on the spot” video coverage of live events. We are not limiting ourselves to just stereotypical coverage like who is winning a presidential election. We will cover who the candidates are, what are their connections, suspicious activity during rallies, and voting fraud. We also have specialized news categories that other news outlets are too scared to cover like one world governance, matrix of control, pharmacide, etc.

Tyranny Watch wants to engage the community and insert real issues by promotion of other freedom lovers and production of our own thought-provoking t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. This also serves to support local business and fund our operations. To be clear, we reject sponsors or local businesses who seek to manipulate our message. Either they want to stand with us or they can simply move on.

Tyranny Watch is also looking for passionate writers, journalists, reporters, and those who specialize in technical areas like graphic design, audio and video production on a voluntary basis. Our ultimate goal is to be able to expand our operation into a fulltime job and pay our staff what they deserve. If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail ( or one of our many social networking accounts on the web.

Founder of Tyranny Watch

Zachary J. Cole


About tyrannywatchblog

Tyranny Watch was conceptualized in late 2011 by Zachary Cole based on the need for an authentic alternative in Saint Louis to the corporate media. It was soon apparent that reporting on local news and operating within social networking sites would not be enough to spread the message of truth. We decided to create a website where liberty and knowledge could easily be compiled into one location. Having our own place also eliminates the very real risk of being censored by arbitrary and often unfairly applied rules. Tyranny Watch seeks to be an example with integrity and insightful commentary on the various issues that face this country and the rest of the world. We feel that it is important to bring to the forefront news that is intentionally ignored and points that would not be admitted in a controlled environment. Tyranny Watch is also involved in our local community standing quietly in solidarity or sounding the alarm however the situation calls for. We seek to cover events that need our close attention or simply getting the word out about an important protest, march, etc. Whenever it is possible, Tyranny Watch will be there to give support to worthy causes.

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